Joseph Anthony Cisneros aka

Tony Toca (@iamtonytoca) is a 40year old entrepreneur, born in London, now living in the suburbs of Hertfordshire.

Having left school with little qualifications & working hard manual jobs, there was no bright future for this young man. After studying Graphic Design at college, he worked full time at various design agencies across london.

At 30 years old Tony had his first child, Leo.
After only a few years old, his son had developed a tumour in his brain. Once being admitted to great Ormand street hospital, it was determined that the tumour was cancerous. Leo would receive stage 4 cancer treatment for 1 whole year.

With great courage & strength, and the ongoing support of his family, Leo fully recovered and is now in his final year of remission.

Being able to now focus more energy on business, Tony soon realised that there was no way of him completing the amount of work he was being commissioned.

Having worked a 9-5 & years of late nights, PLATINUM DESIGN STUDIO was created. After only a few years he realised this was a lucrative market & turned to India to recruit specialist designers & programmers, to work for him.

Now in 2021, with over 300 clients worldwide, Tony has a dedicated design agency, employing 10 specialists full time staff, providing website programming, app building & business branding.
Tony Toca’s clients include: Netflix, SMA, BT sports, Ernest Jones, Woolworths, Smyths Toys and many more.

Tony also runs a successful supplement store, an online Sex Toy shop & a Vegan Sweets Company.

Tony Toca is a public figure entrepreneur, who now travels freely with his son. Making memories & sharing his success on Instagram.